How To Save Up To 90% On All Of Your Cleaning Supplies

A lot of people are shocked these days with the super high prices of cleaning supplies, especially all-purpose cleaners. These handy spray bottles of cleaner can now sell for about $4 to $5 each. They’ll last for a couple of weeks as long as you’re careful and don’t have a large house or small business to clean. Then there are special formulations that will clean windows, another for floors, a strong one for soap scum, and yet another for the toilet. After you get all of the different types of cleaners that you need, you might be out over a hundred dollars. But are all of these different cleaners necessary, or could you use one or two to do everything? Here are some interesting tips on how to save money when you buy cleaning supplies.

Start By Buying Several High-Quality Sprayers

OK, the first expense that you need to completely eliminate in your life is always paying for the little spray bottles that each cleaning chemical comes in. They aren’t that well-made, they don’t spray a good pattern, they’re hard to operate and they wear out too soon. Worst of all, you’re paying at least $1 for the convenience of having your cleaner come with its own spray bottle, which you throw away eventually.

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Buy top-quality spray bottles, label them accordingly, and never buy any of your cleaning chemicals in a spray bottle again. Then, buy all of your cleaners in concentrates in order to save up to 10X what you would normally pay. Many concentrates are of higher quality anyway, and you can follow the instructions that will tell you to mix 1/3 of concentrate with 16 of OZ water to fill an entire spray bottle. Just think, if you’re paying $4 per 16 of bottle now, that would make that one 32 of bottle of concentrate worth about $384 dollars!!

Just one product, like the degreaser, can be used in dozens of different ways from pre-soaking dishes to keeping your drains unclogged. You can even clean your baked on grime off of the barbecue with a 50/50 solution instead of buying high priced oven cleaners. 1 of OZ cleaner in a gallon of water is good to wash your car with too, so you can avoid buying a separate cleaner just for that one purpose.

If You Don’t Have Fuller Or Stanley In Your Area

Follow the instructions on exactly what mixtures work best in each situation. Shiny surfaces, like glass, porcelain, or enamel, will usually clean up best with a very dilute mixture so that it doesn’t leave any streaks. Baked on grime takes a strong mix, and grease just a medium mixture will do. The key is, to always mix the ingredients in your marked spray bottles so that all of the members of the family get used to using the right cleaner for the right project. When done correctly, you can save about 90% of the costs of all of your cleaning supplies and they do a better job than you can imagine.

Janitor Supplies

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