Signs That It’s Time To Paint Your House

Is it time to think about painted the home? A good paint job will last about 8-10 years. There are some factors which dictate how long your paint job will last, but I have found that using the best paint on a well-prepared surface that this is about the average life of a paint job.

So what are the things you looking in determining if its time to paint your house or not? First, the most obvious sign is if your current paint has begun to peel. If the paint on your home has started to peel this is allowing the bare wood to be exposed to the elements. Not taking the proper measures now will lead to wood rot in a very short time and end up costing much more in addition to painting.

Next, if your caulking has begun to split and open up, then it’s probably time to paint. Caulking creates a watertight seal not allowing rain to penetrate behind your wood. A properly caulked home will also have the lower energy cost. Another sign that it is probably time to paint is if you began to see evidence of mildew in your house. Mildew is a plain black or yellowish stain that can be cleaned with standard bleach.

However, the mold will return in a short period after cleaning if it’s not painted. Most quality paints today have a mildewcide in them which prohibits the further growth of mildew on the exterior of your home. Finally, another sign that it is time to paint is if the paint color of your home has become outdated. A fresh, good looking and beautiful coat at home look brand new once again. If you have other questions about whether or not it is time to paint, I suggest asking a local professional painting contractor for advice.

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